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December 02, 2011


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Sure it was an Opie and Anthony crowd which he was a regular guest on yet it was obvious that the audience knew that they were in the presence of black comedy hero that they’d be willing to fight for. Patrice made the stand-up comedic proffesion a much deeper, holier, pursuit than any of his draping silver chains, and trench coat mafia coats would indicate. I would’ve loved to make Patrice laugh at the Comedy Cellar and hear that soulful, spastic, he haw laugh that envelops a room and screams touchdown. I have no right to claim you as one of our guys Patrice because you're way too cool and much too black but Mike Epps has a shot though. Rest in peace big fella. In my eyes, you’ll always be somebody to love.

Rest in Peace

From an aspiring somebody

Josh Kornbluth

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